United in Christ Baltimore, MD

Church Treasurer

Mission Statement:
"To administer the Lord's finances in accordance with church policy to help continue the mission of preaching the gospel of Jesus of Christ to the community."

Bro. McSendy Pierre


Generosity with your free will offering assisted the church in completing several projects. In a continued effort to provide clean, safe, and ef´Čücient spaces for ministry, please continue supporting the Church Building Fund.

AdventistGiving allows you to return your tithe and give your free will offerings online. Click Online Giving.

Frequently asked Questions:

How is the tithe used?
Tithe is used in the Allegheny East Conference and General Conference World Church to finance ministerial and evangelistic work.

What is Combined Budget or Church Budget?
Combined/Church budget finances the local church expenses, ministry programs, and building projects.  Your generous systematic giving to combined budget ensures all of the churches needs are supported.

What is the difference between Combined Budget & Church Expense?
Church Expense describes ONLY the reoccuring monthly operating expenses, such as, mortgage, insurance, and utilities. Combined Budget supports ALL the church expenses, ministries, and projects.