United in Christ Baltimore, MD


UIC History

United in Christ Church (UIC) began as a merger of two Baltimore area Seventh-day Adventist Churches, the First Marantha Adventist Church and the New Macedonia Adventist Church.  Pastor Charles D. Jenkins was the interim pastor until the Allegheny East Conference assigned Evangelist Conklin Gentry as the permanent pastor of UIC in January 2004.

In late 2005, Pastor Michael Edwards joined United in Christ as the assistant pastor and later became our Senior Pastor in 2006.  Pastor Gary S. Adams, our current pastor, joined us in October 2009.  Pastor Adams is a man who is deeply committed to maintaining family values and unity among the brethren.   Through his leadership, the United in Christ Seventh-day Adventist Church is moving forward with the mission to transform the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ; by establishing a church through a relationship with God, one another, and our community.